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Principal Message

Dr. S. Chandra, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. S. Chandra, is a person of knowledge and vast experience spanning over a period of 32 years in the line of teaching and research. He took charge as principal of the college in 2017- 2018. Her field of specialization is Vermicompost technology and algae. The steadfast attention and care extended by her to the students has produced excellent results both at academic and Para-academic sides. As a dedicated principal, he has inspired the teaching, non-teaching and student community of the college and mustered the co-operation and involvement of everyone in creating a wonderful academic atmosphere in the campus. She is a Visiting Professor of Sri Sathya Sai Universities at Anantapur and Puttaparthy and King Monkutt University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Our uniqueness is weekly unit test i.e., every Monday and Friday, unit tests are conducted in the first two periods of forenoon session. Students get ample opportunities for learning their weekly lessons then and there and prepare well for final Semester examinations.